Williamsport Decluttering with Online Sale

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. — Williamsport Area School District is doing a bit of its own spring cleaning this week.

For the first time in three years, the school is holding a silent auction and selling hundreds of items in an online sale.

Newswatch 16 stopped by the district’s warehouse to get a closer look at what’s for sale.

For those interested in viewing or bidding on the items for sale online, click here.

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Missing Allentown Teen Back Home; Mom Speaks to Newswatch 16

ALLENTOWN, Pa. — Investigators say Amy Yu, 16, and Kevin Esterly, 45, took off on March 5, leaving the Allentown area for Mexico where they were discovered this weekend.

“I hope he’s in jail forever!” Amy’s mother, Miu Luu says Esterly was obsessed with her daughter.

“Kevin with her, is a long time together before Amy was 16 years old. Amy’s 8-years-old and goes to his house a lot of times. I have pictures of them, the families together. I can’t believe Kevin would do that,” said Luu.

Amy and Esterly first met through church nearly a decade ago, according to family members.

Investigators say Amy was friendly with Esterly’s oldest daughter.

He has four children, all daughters.

In recent years, Amy’s mother says things became inappropriate.

Esterly reportedly rented an apartment near Amy’s Allentown home and on 10 occasions, signed her out of her charter school in Bethlehem, pretending to be her step-father.

“That day, the police talked to Kevin. They said, ‘You have no more contact.’ So he’s angry because I called the police,” said Luu.

Amy’s mother showed Newswatch 16 text messages on her phone, which she says were from Kevin before he and Amy ran away.

One read, in part: “She is just a kid and the funny thing is at one point in her life, you were doing the right thing, you gave up when it got a little tough and I started to fix that kid and you guys made me stop for no reason.”

An attorney for the Esterly family says Esterly’s wife learned of the relationship and was furious. She was ready to go to police when she says Esterly took off with Amy.

The story grabbed national attention.

“I have a 12-year-old daughter. I couldn’t fathom. I’m 46. It just doesn’t make sense. There’s something wrong with him,” said Thomas Canon of Allentown.

“I have a daughter of my own, and it just, it’s scary. You don’t know who to trust. It’s sad. I’m glad she’s home and safe,” said Saul Vachier of Allentown.

Esterly is being held in Florida and told a judge he wants to return to Pennsylvania.

As for Amy, her mother says Kevin Esterly poisoned her mind, and Amy does not want to return home, so she was briefly hospitalized and is now in a place that can help her with mental health care and other interventions.

“She doesn’t want to go in the house. She doesn’t want to see me. I go to the hospital. The nurse says she doesn’t want to see anybody,” said Luu.

There is no word when Esterly will be brought back to the Allentown area.

The Esterly family attorney said Esterly’s wife is in the process of filing for divorce.

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Remembering Jude: Family’s Event Gives Back To Other Kids

A family in Lackawanna County is keeping a young boy’s memory alive.

The family of Jude Zayac founded two area events including one this Friday, March 23, known as “Pink & Blue Day.” The other is a 5K run/walk event on April 22 called “Jog For Jude.”

Jude’s family has turned the loss of their child into events to help other children in our area.

Jude Zayac from Dunmore died at three months old in July of 2014 from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or S.I.D.S. Doctors describe it as a silent killer that shuts down a baby’s respiratory system.

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey highlighted the upcoming benefits Tuesday morning from Dunmore.

On Friday, people everywhere are encouraged to wear “Pink & Blue” to honor Jude. The day also includes an evening event at Backyard Ale House in Scranton. The fundraiser benefits St. Joseph’s Center Baby Pantry. Click here for the details on the happy hour event.

If you can’t make Friday’s event in Scranton, head here to learn more about the baby pantry and its wish list.

To register for “Jog For Jude,” click this link!

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PIAA GIRLS BASKETBALL CLASS 3A Neumann-Goretti (20-7) vs. Dunmore (28-1) ■ When: Tonight, 6, Bethlehem Freedom H.S. ■ How they got here: Neumann-Goretti defeated Saint Basil’s, 47-29, in Friday’s quarterfinals; Dunmore knocked off Imhotep Charter, 57-42.

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Winning pitcher Dakota McFadden had two doubles and five RBIs to lead Keystone College to a 13-8 victory over SUNY-Canton in a college baseball game Friday at Port Charlotte, Florida. McFadden struck out five in 6⅔ innings to earn his second win of the se

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Greater Pocono Home & Garden Show 2018

Whether you’re looking to remodel, revamp or just get your home ready for Spring, an event hitting the Poconos this weekend could do the trick!

The Greater Pocono Home & Outdoor Living Show runs this Saturday and Sunday at Kalahari Resort and Convention Center near Mount Pocono.

Newswatch 16’s Ryan Leckey visited the resort Friday for a first look at what to expect.

The event is organized by the Pocono Builders Association. The goal is to give homeowners ideas to improve their homes all the way from the foundation to the roof.

The event also collects items for the nonprofit “Operation Touch of Home. The all-volunteer group collects supplies for troops overseas. Click here for their wish list!

To learn more about the show, head here!


  • WHAT: Greater Pocono Home & Outdoor Living Show
  • WHEN: Saturday, March 17, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday, March 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • WHERE: Kalahari Resort & Convention Center, 250 Kalahari Boulevard, Pocono Manor, PA 18349
  • COST:$5.00 per person. Children 18 and under are free.
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Video Shows ‘Gumball Bandit’ Struggling to Steal Animal Shelter’s Candy Machine

SACRAMENTO — A Northern California animal shelter says a “gumball bandit” broke in and stole their fundraising gumball machine, according to KTXL.

Sacramento’s Front Street Animal Shelter posted a video of the break-in Friday. It shows the suspect crawling through a broken pane in a glass door then immediately grabbing the machine.

As he’s trying to force the machine through the broken pane, gumballs spill all over the floor inside and the ground outside. With little luck getting the machine through the opening, he begins trying to pry open the machine to get to the quarters inside.

Once that option fails, the suspect carries the gumball machine outside through another door and throws it over a barbed wire fence.

Throughout the entire video a donation box full of money can be seen sitting on a nearby desk. The suspect never touches it.

The suspect was wearing a headlamp, brown hooded sweatshirt, black and white sneakers and blue jeans. He also wore a black face mask and dark-colored gloves.

If you have any information about the suspect or the break-in call the Sacramento Police Department at 916-264-5471 or Crime Stoppers at 916-443-HELP.

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Award Given Out on the Eve of Parade Day in Scranton

SCRANTON — Folks gathered at a popular bar in Scranton for an event that is seen as the kick-off to the St. Patrick’s festivities.

The annual Quiet Man Award was handed out on the eve of parade day at the Dugout.

The recipient this year was Ed Connors, a lifelong Scranton native, who worked as a postal carrier for 30 plus years.

Founders say the ceremony is named after the 1952 John Wayne movie, The Quiet Man, since it’s about a man who leaves home but returns.

“Very significant. What happens is we wanted to keep it in our neighborhood. Jeff and Lisa, the owners here of the Dugout make a family, a very friendly place. Wonderful to see so many people come back here from out of town, just to be here with us is wonderful,” said Brian Dixon, Quiet founder.

Dixon, the founder, was also honored for his role in creating and hosting the award ceremony in Scranton.

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Mom Locked Out of iPhone for 47 Years After Letting 2-Year-Old Play With It

SHANGHAI — Well, that’s one way to beat a smartphone addiction.

The South China Morning Post reports a Shanghai mom is locked out of her iPhone for the next 47 years after her 2-year-old son repeatedly entered the wrong passcode. The mom, identified only as Lu, gave her son the phone to watch educational videos online.

When she got it back, the phone bore a notification reading “iPhone is disabled, try again in 25,114,984 minutes,” according to the Global Times. Apparently, the lockout time increased every time the toddler entered the wrong passcode.

A technician at an Apple Store in Shanghai told Lu she had two options: do a factory reset on her iPhone and lose all her files or wait the 47 years until she can use it again.

“I can’t really wait for 47 years and tell my grandchild it was your father’s mistake,” the Straits Times quotes Lu as saying. Regardless, she’s apparently found herself unable to go through with the factory reset and is now two months into her long wait for the phone to unlock.

The Apple Store technician says Lu’s case is nothing; he’s seen iPhones locked for over 80 years.

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Parking Regulations Enforced in Kingston

KINGSTON — Beginning on March 1, the Kingston Police Department started to enforce parking regulations around the entire municipality.

The reaction from people who live in Kingston has been mixed. People we spoke with who paid their tickets were surprised that they, in fact, got ticketed but admitted they’ve been parking illegally for years. They just never got caught until now.

For some Kingston residents, their wallets are a little lighter since the start of the month. The municipality’s police department started to fully enforce a list of parking regulations for safety reasons.

“I advised the police department, since it’s on the books and it’s always been there, to enforce the parking ordinances evenly across the town, not in specific towns, evenly across the town, for the safety of the public,” said Kingston Mayor Paul Roberts.

Mayor Roberts adds that these laws have always been in place, just not fully enforced, throughout the entire area. Because of that, tickets have come as a surprise to some longtime residents.

“I knew it was incorrect of me to park going the wrong direction. But in the morning when I pick up my grandkids, I don’t like to drive out to Pierce Street because it’s so dangerous to go out that way, so I always park going the other way, so I can just leave in the morning,” Kathy Krivenko said.

Cars facing the oncoming lane have been getting tickets.

“It’s difficult to get out of your car on the driver’s side towards the street if there’s a lot of flow-through traffic. In the winter time it’s icy, it’s dangerous. If you can get out on the curb side on the driver’s side, it’s safer,” John Pugh said.

Mayor Roberts insists that this decision wasn’t made to hurt people’s wallets but rather to help ensure safety in Kingston.

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NFL players help rescue man who fell while hiking in Colorado

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – The McCaffrey brothers are credited with saving the life of a 72-year-old man who suffered major injuries after falling while hiking in Colorado.

Max, Christian, and Dylan McCaffrey were climbing at Castle Rock when 72-year-old Dan Smoker fell while he was climbing down from the top of the rock. Smoker was with his 13-year-old grandson Elijah Smoker at the time, according to KDVR.

“I heard what sounded like a shoe slipping on some rock and then I heard him say, oh, like it sounded like his voice and I turn around about halfway through his fall and I see him hit the ground,” Elijah Smoker said.

Around seven people, including the McCaffrey boys, immediately helped Smoker and comforted the 13-year-old before firefighters arrived.

Smoker was transported to an area hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries, according to the Castle Rock Fire Department. Smoker’s son says he suffered a fractured femur, fractured pelvis, 9 broken ribs, bleeding from his abdomen and brain, and his neck is broken.

“It was such a crazy experience,” Elijah Smoker said. “But the McCaffreys changed how the story went. I can’t thank them enough.”

“It could’ve been I went on a hike and my grandpa died but instead it’s I went on a hike and some professional football players helped my grandpa,” Elijah added.

Dan Smoker’s son (also Dan Smoker) tweeted at the McCaffrey brothers to thank them for jumping into action so quickly.

“Michael Mann, [Christian McCaffrey] and [Max McCaffrey] are great football players, but even better humans. Yesterday, they helped save my dads life after he fell off of Castle Rock,” Smoker III tweeted. “Because of [them] and a few other amazing folks, my 13-year-old son isn’t telling a story about how he went on a hike with his grandpa and his grandpa died. He’s telling a story of strength, hope, and human goodness.”

“You all are truly amazing. Tonight, one of the nurses told us that they have been calling my dad ‘the broken man,’ but as of today, they changed it to ‘the miracle man’ and the miracle started with you all,” Smoker III added.

The boys even visited the family in the hospital on Sunday and took a photo with Elijah. The family says they didn’t realize who they were until they visited the hospital.

“I know where Eli gets his strength,” Christian McCaffrey tweeted. “Watched Dan Sr. fight with everything he has and I know he will continue to do so! We’re praying for you guys!”

Smoker remains in the ICU at an area hospital recovering from his injuries.

The McCaffrey brothers played football at Valor Christian in Colorado before entering the NFL. Christian McCaffrey was drafted No. 8 overall in the 2017 NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. Max McCaffrey is currently a wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers.

Dylan McCaffrey plays football at the University of Michigan. Luke McCaffrey will be a senior next year at Valor Christian. Their father, Ed McCaffrey, was a wide receiver in the NFL for thirteen seasons from 1991-2003.

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Stranded From the Storm

MOUNT COBB — The winter storm left some folks headed for New York and Connecticut stranded in northeastern PA.

“We can’t go nowhere cause we have a set of doubles and the highway’s closed so we’re stuck here,” said Arroyo Ever.

Arroyo Ever and his partner work for UPS. They got stuck on Interstate 380 and say they are lucky to have made it to a service plaza, just off Interstate 84 in Mount Cobb.

“We got behind a snow plow and we barely made it here and once we got in here we couldn’t go anywhere,” said Ever.

They stayed put and waited nearly 24 hours for the roads to open again.

“Here I thought, you know I don’t want to be one of these people that gets stuck with no gas so took a gas stop here,” said Linda Gajevski of Connecticut.

Ed Hipsnan left Binghamton and headed for home in Pike County. By early this morning this is as far as he got.

“Here safe and sound. I’m too old to get in a hurry you know? I’ll wait to they get it ready,” says Ed Hipsnan of Shohola.

Because conditions on the roads could be dangerous

“Actually terrifying, we couldn’t tell the road from the I mean you could see a little groove and it was white out and I saw trees going like it’s crazy, cars everywhere,” tells Jodi Hammond of Columbus, Ohio.

Newswatch 16 spoke with many travelers stuck at the service plaza in Lackawanna County and they say they are making the most of it.

“Oh well, we met lots of people. Met a new friend here,” says Hammond.

“Kinda like the Donner Party little people have formed caravans and gone off and everybody who comes in the door is like new meat, ‘What do you know? What do you know?’ So we’re waiting. The future is unknown,” adds Gajevski.

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